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PlumbM8 (pronounced “plumb-mate”) was founded after noticing that it was hard to find good stainless steel plumbing parts in Canada and the US. This was especially a problem for expansion tank mounting brackets, which must be strong, easy to install, and look professional.

With more cities and municipalities requiring potable water expansion tanks, our fellow industry professionals resorted to using pipework or cheap steel strapping to support their tanks. They were also using social media to showcase their hydronic heating projects, again with cheap steel strapping and other elaborate methods.

We recommend against this. The tank’s bladder can break and fill the tank. Since it wasn’t built to hold the extra weight, it can break. This risk is compounded by earthquakes and other unforeseen events. It’s a disaster waiting to happen.

After an extensive search for alternatives, we found only cheap mounting brackets made in China. So, with a strong belief in keeping manufacturing jobs in Canada, we set out to make the best quality parts ourselves here at a local fabrication shop in BC.

Our brackets are 316 stainless steel, laser-cut, TIG-welded, and electropolished. They’re an all-in-one tank mounting solution that are built to last while at the same time looking good. They’re a must-have for any high-end installation, or anywhere else strength and good-looks is needed.

Our shipping rates are reasonable for all customers in Canada and the USA.

We have more products in the R&D stage and will be released shortly. If you have any product ideas, questions or concerns, please feel free to Contact us!

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